Crewel embroidery featuring a fox, leaf and flower

Remember how free you felt as a kid when creating and experimenting? Do you sometimes feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed and wish you could switch off for a while?

Making something beautiful with your hands is not only incredibly satisfying, it can be a great way to de-stress.

With my patterns, kits and tutorials you’ll create your own beautiful embroideries while enjoying the soothing power of stitch.

On the blog

An oval stitched in satin stitch.

How to stitch: Satin stitch

Satin stitch is often one of the first stitches that you’ll come across when getting into embroidery. Which lulled me into thinking it’s an “easy” stitch. Actually, I found it…

Photo of the finished wolf crewel embroidery in shades of blue and grey with orange accents.

Meet Luna the wolf, my latest project for Stitch magazine

I’m so happy to be able to share Luna, my winter wolf crewelwork embroidery with you! The project is in issue 128 of Stitch magazine, which is in shops until…

Image showing a ring of split stitch.

How to stitch: Split stitch

I think split stitch looks like a mini chain stitch. So I thought it would be a good one to follow on from the chain stitch tutorial. Below you can…

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As seen in Stitch magazine

Check out my projects in Stitch magazine.

My penguins crewelwork is an elegant design with striking shading that’s sure to impress. Then for a bit of everyday inspiration, my reach for the stars cushion is a perfect addition to your home.

Photo of my project in Stitch magazine. The design is of 2 penguins in a snow scene made up into a decoration hanging from a Christmas tree.
Photo of my reach for the stars project in Stitch magazine. The design features a woman in a gold dress standing on a cloud while reaching up to the stars.