Crewel embroidery featuring a fox, leaf and flower

Remember how free you felt as a kid when creating and experimenting? Do you sometimes feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed and wish you could switch off for a while?

Making something beautiful with your hands is not only incredibly satisfying, it can be a great way to de-stress.

Join me as I share my journey to level up my embroidery and use creativity to promote good mental health.

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Three bands of blackwork sampling. 2 sampling from light to dark tones of a single stitch. The 3rd sampling the blending of 3 different stitches.

What I’ve learnt about blending blackwork stitches

One of the criteria for the Royal School of Needlework Certificate blackwork module is to have an area where you blend two or more stitch patterns together. This is perhaps…

Starting an embroidery thread with a waste knot.

How to start and finish your embroidery threads: The waste knot method

For years I’ve been of the belief that knots and embroidery are a big no-no. Other than French knots of course! That was until I was shown the waste knot…

Side view of a blackwork embroidery rainbow that uses blackwork shading techniques to create a heart shape within the rainbow.

My blackwork rainbow and turning to embroidery to heal

I believe that embroidery nourishes our soul and has healing powers. It was a desire for this healing through stitch that lead me to create my blackwork rainbow. Back in…

Photo showing a blue embroidered sphere.

How to stitch: Seeding stitch

I think seeding stitch can be a bit overlooked. I certainly didn’t pay it much attention for quite a while. But actually, it’s a pretty useful filling stitch. Especially when…

My completed embroidery of a daffodil and caterpillar.

Stitching a motif inspired by the Bacton altar cloth

For a birthday treat last year I was lucky enough to join one of the Royal School of Needlework’s special Bacton altar cloth classes. Our day began with a private…

Photo showing a line of stem stitch being worked.

How to stitch: Stem stitch

This is the first in a series of stitch tutorial posts I’ll be creating. As well as walking you through how to create each stitch, I’ll include tips that I’ve…

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As seen in Stitch magazine

Check out my projects in Stitch magazine.

My penguins crewelwork is an elegant design with striking shading that’s sure to impress. Then for a bit of everyday inspiration, my reach for the stars cushion is a perfect addition to your home.

Photo of my project in Stitch magazine. The design is of 2 penguins in a snow scene made up into a decoration hanging from a Christmas tree.
Photo of my reach for the stars project in Stitch magazine. The design features a woman in a gold dress standing on a cloud while reaching up to the stars.