Crewel embroidery featuring a fox, leaf and flower

Remember how free you felt as a kid when creating and experimenting? Do you sometimes feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed and wish you could switch off for a while?

Making something beautiful with your hands is not only incredibly satisfying, it can be a great way to de-stress.

With my patterns, kits and tutorials you’ll create your own beautiful embroideries while enjoying the soothing power of stitch.

New – Wolf Embroidery Kit

Crewelwork embroidery of a wolf sitting in a forest scene with trees, river and a crescent moon. Stitched with crewel wools in shades of blue and grey with a little orange.

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A row of fly stitch being stitched in blue crewel wool.

How to stitch: Fly stitch

How would you categorise fly stitch? I’ve used it to create a decorative line. As a filling stitch. Also as a stand alone, detached stitch. So I guess you could…

Eye embroidery pattern stitched in light and dark blue crewel wools.

Free eye embroidery pattern: Easy stitch switching

In my tutorials on stem stitch, raised stem band and buttonhole stitch I briefly mentioned how you could smoothly switch between these stitches. As I use this a fair bit,…

6 French knots worked in blue crewel wool,

How to stitch: French knots

French knots have a reputation of being a bit tricky. But I also know plenty of embroiderers who love them! I’ve found a couple of simple tips that make them…

Stitching a walrus embroidery in the park.

Testing out 3 mental health strategies

Last week was mental health awareness week, a subject close to my heart. It’s even a big part of why I started this blog in the first place. I’ve found…

A circle filled with burden stitch worked in two shades of blue crewel wool.

How to stitch: Burden stitch

I think burden stitch is a lovely stitch for filling large or small areas of your embroidery. It creates a good texture and can be stitched in different ways to…

Jacobean crewelwork embroidery with colour wheel showing triadic colour scheme.

How I use colour theory for my embroidery designs

I’ve taken a few art classes over the years that have helped me learn the basics of colour theory. Having focused on maths and science in school, I find it…

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As seen in Stitch magazine

Check out my projects in Stitch magazine.

My penguins crewelwork is an elegant design with striking shading that’s sure to impress. Then for a bit of everyday inspiration, my reach for the stars cushion is a perfect addition to your home.

Photo of my project in Stitch magazine. The design is of 2 penguins in a snow scene made up into a decoration hanging from a Christmas tree.
Photo of my reach for the stars project in Stitch magazine. The design features a woman in a gold dress standing on a cloud while reaching up to the stars.