Close up of embroidery with fox and flowers

Do you sometimes feel the need to slow down or take a break from the busy-busy, always on mode? Do you remember how free you felt as a kid when creating and experimenting?

Making something beautiful with your hands is not only incredibly satisfying, it can be a great way to de-stress.

Join me as I share my journey to level up my embroidery and use creativity to promote good mental health. Plus, I’ll soon be offering fun and delightful patterns that help you enjoy the benefits of the wonderful art of embroidery.

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Photo of my reach for the stars project in Stitch magazine. The design features a woman in a gold dress standing on a cloud while reaching up to the stars.

As seen in Stitch magazine

Check out my projects in Stitch magazine.

Issue 123 is in the shops now and features my “Reach for the stars” design. Use stranded cottons, silk shading and surface stitches to create this beautiful cushion for a bit of everyday inspiration.

Photo of my project in Stitch magazine. The design is of 2 penguins in a snow scene made up into a decoration hanging from a Christmas tree.

On the blog

My completed reach for the stars cushion embroidery along with the photo of it in Stitch magazine.

Reach for the stars

I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve created another project for the latest issue of Stitch magazine. (You can check out my previous penguins project here) The cushion…

Length ways view of the Bacton alter cloth on display at Hampton Court Palace.

The Bacton alter cloth

Have you heard about the Bacton alter cloth? Also known as the lost dress of Elizabeth I? It’s a pretty exciting discovery in the worlds of both history and textiles…

My RSN Jacobean crewelwork module piece mounted and ready for assessment.

My finished RSN Jacobean crewelwork

After designing and doing most of the stitching of my RSN certificate Jacobean module, the end was in sight! By chatting to my fellow students, I learnt that the mounting…

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