Pride flags embroidery

It’s felt very fitting to be able to release my blackwork rainbow embroidery pattern during Pride Month. I hope that with the heart inside the rainbow, it can be seen as a fitting celebration of the LGBTQ+ rainbow Pride flag.

Blackwork rainbow with heart

Unfortunately with all the lockdown measures, pride events around the world have had to be cancelled. However this Saturday, 27th June, there’s going to be a global pride online celebration. You can check out all the details at

Of course all the cancellations also impact vital fund raising. So I’m going to donate 25% of the profits from my pattern sales during Pride month to Stonewall.

If you’ve ever been to a Pride event, you’ll know that there are many different Pride flags, not just the most commonly known rainbow. These flags represent different parts of the community, reminding us just how diverse it is.

My sister pointed out that my rainbow design could be easily adapted to represent some of the other Pride flags. You could even create a Pride flags embroidery medley!

So I’ve created some mock ups to inspire you with a few of the possibilities. Below I’ve explained how you’d need to adapt the pattern in order to create each of these Pride flag embroideries. Everything else remains the same as in the pattern instructions.

Bisexual Pride flag

Bisexual pride flag for embroidery version of blackwork rainbow pattern

This is a nice and easy adaptation. You just need to use each of the pink, purple and blue colours across 2 stripes instead of 1.

Pansexual Pride flag

Pansexual pride flag for embroidery version of blackwork rainbow pattern

Another easy adaptation, just use each of the pink, yellow and blue colours across 2 stripes.

Transgender Pride flag

Transgender pride flag for embroidery version of blackwork rainbow pattern

The transgender flag has 5 stripes rather than the 6 in my pattern. But you can create the essence of the flag by leaving the rainbow bands of the middle 2 stripes unstitched. You can then create the definition of the heart by stitching the heart parts of those middle 2 stripes in grey.

Progress Pride flag

Progress Pride flag for embroidery version of blackwork rainbow pattern

Or how about this adaptation of the progress flag? Just switch the colours within the heart to match the picture.

I think it would look great to stitch all 4 flags together! Wouldn’t they look great worked into a cushion or on a bag? So many Pride flags embroidery possibilities, let your imagination run wild!

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