Stitching quiz

In these times of lock down, I think it’s really important to look for ways to bring a bit of joy and fun into our lives. As I love both stitching and quizzes I thought it would be fun to combine them!

I’ve really appreciated the online stitching community the past few weeks, I love how supportive everyone is. Scrolling through all your beautiful and inspiring creations has been a very welcome distraction from all the uncertainty we are facing. Never more so than when I was ill.

So I got to thinking, how can I give back to the stitching community?

My family and I have been enjoying creating quizzes for each other during our weekly video calls. It’s been so much fun that I thought why not create a stitching quiz for all of you 🙂

I’ve gone for a pub quiz style format with a variety of rounds. Don’t worry if you are new to stitching, it’s not super hard and it’s multiple choice so you can always have a guess! The marking all gets done automatically, so you’ll be able to see your score instantly.

Here’s the link to the quiz –

Feel free to share the quiz with any friends and family you think would like it. Perhaps you can challenge them to see who gets the best score!

I hope you enjoy this stitching quiz and that it brings a little extra fun to your day x

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